Our College

Managing Committee

The Managing Committee (MC) consists of monastic members from various centres of Ramakrishna Sarada Math and Mission, the Principal of the College, the Secretary, representative members from the teaching faculty (IQAC Coordinator and Teachers' Council Secretary as office bearers, who have interfaces with the MC) and office staff.

The MC is the highest authority of the College in so far as policy designing is concerned.

Pravrajika Jnanadaprana

Vice President
Pravrajika Achintyaprana

Pravrajika Pradiptaprana

Pravrajika Devatmaprana

Pravrajika Bhaswaraprana

Pravrajika Dhritiprana
Pravrajika Somaprana
Pravrajika Tapanandaprana
Pravrajika Vedarupaprana


The body which assists the Principal in the overall academic and infrastructural planning and supervision is the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). The Cell was formed in December 2013 following the UGC-NAAC guidelines.

IQAC, headed by the Principal, and constituting of experienced senior faculty members and office staff and an external advisor, works in collaboration with the management to ensure smooth functioning of the institution.

The present IQAC members are:

Pr. Bhaswaraprana, Principal and Chairperson
Dr. Chaiti Mitra, Co-ordinator
Dr. Sarmistha Dutta
Dr. Rumela Banerjee
Pr. Vedarupaprana
Dr. Soma Marik
Pr. Amritarupaprana
Sm. Parama Sarkhel
Dr. Rakhi Ghosh
Mr. Kalyan Nandy, former Senior Accounts Officer, Government of India