Annual Programmes

Academic Activities

Apart from regular classes the College organises regular Extension Lectures, Seminars and Educational Excursions. Occasionally seminars are also organised.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular activities are an integral part of college life. They make for academic excellence, apart from providing opportunities for all-round development and mental and physical relaxation. The teaching staff is fully integrated into the students' cultural and other extra-curricular work through several committees set up for this purpose.

Cultural Competitions

Cultural competitions are an eagerly awaited annual affair, spread over 4-5 days, offering students an opportunity to nurture and cultivate their talents and interests in such diverse fields as music, painting, recitation, creative writing, debating, and oratory.

Sports and Games

Annual Sports are held in the college grounds every year in winter.

Magazine and Wall-Magazine

Students' creativity is further demonstrated through the periodically published College Magazine. Wall-Magazines are also put up by the students of various departments.

Handicrafts Exhibition

A unique annual event, the Handicrafts exhibition, allows the students to exhibit their skills in painting, needlecraft, knitting, crochet, stuffed-toys and doll-making, baking, food preservation and horticulture.

Festivals and Social Functions

Events like Vidyarthi Homa and Nabin Baran, Vriksharopana Utsav, Independence Day Celebrations, Annual Puja ( Holy Mother's Birthday ), Saraswati Puja, Reunion, Annual Function and Prize Distribution are organized by the college at different times of the year.