The 36 bighas or 10.78 acres of the lush green campus of the College, home to a wide variety of for a and fauna, serves as a veritable green oasis in the middle of the industrial and congested neighbourhood on the bank of a highly polluted Bagjola canal.

The college campus has sufficient space for all academic, administrative, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. New facilities have been created and the old ones have been renovated fully. View Gallery



The College has a sufficient number of classrooms (29) which are well ventilated with spacious seating arrangements. All the classrooms are equipped with black/green boards, and if the teacher requires, she uses the laptop and the projector with screen as well.

College Hostel

Seminar Halls

Muktiprana Sabhagriha, the college auditorium large enough to hold 450 people serves as a seminar hall where national seminars as well as inter-departmental seminars are held. This Sabhagriha, equipped with projector and audio system is spacious enough to accommodate all formal events such as lectures and seminars, and all cultural functions. Large gatherings, as during the College Social or the Prize Distribution ceremony, are accommodated here with ease.

Swamiji Bhawan

Examination Hall

The Swamiji Bhavan is a newly constructed lecture-cum-examination hall (seats 300) all major college and university examinations are held here - thereby enabling continuing of regular classes in the main college building during examinations. Counseling classes and seminars are also held in both Muktiprana Sabhagriha and Swamiji Bhavan.

College Hostel


Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Vivekananda Vidyabhavan is a partly residential college, and the Hostel forms an integral part in its scheme of imparting an all round education.Run on the system of the ancient "Gurukul", it pays special attention to the cultivation of those aspects of the student's personality, which are otherwise neglected in a conventional educational system.

The boarders are housed in the two spacious buildings - Bharati Bhavan and Brahmananda Bhavan. The Resident Superintendent, a monastic member of the Order, is in charge of the hostel, under the supervision and guidance of the Principal. Here, under the love and sincere care of the resident monastic members, the students receive an all round training in an atmosphere of peace, discipline and purity.

College Library


The Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Vivekananda Vidyabhavan Library was begun from 1961, when the college was set up. The Library started catering to the needs of the students, faculty and non-teaching staff with the commitment to provide information leading towards excellence in humanities and the social sciences. So the basic function is to assist the college to carry out its mission of self-development of personality through education. In the beginning, the library was located in the college building beside the teachers' common room. Then in 1975, the library was shifted to a new building with an additional reading room on the ground floor. The Library is user friendly to ensure maximization of library utilization. In 2010, alcoves were built for teachers to facilitate their work.

In the same year, a Free Open Source Software KOHA was introduced for the library. At present KOHA is being used for acquisition, cataloguing and circulation, with primary stress on acquisition. It will go online once the cataloguing is completed.

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The College has a 350-seater Auditorium named in the memory of Pravrajika Muktiprana. It is equipped with a 30ft by 40ft stage with a complete audio system comprising of amplifiers, microphones and a projector. In addition to this, the Swamiji Bhavan has been constructed in 2014 with the purpose of holding examinations as well as hosting smaller events, workshops and seminars.

Computer Lab

The College has a computer laboratory to train students in computer use. This laboratory, when free is also used for digitally aided classes.

Cyber Room

Internet and Reprographic Facilities

Limited internet facilities are available for students in the cyber room. Faculty and office have access to the internet through the staff room, the library and the office. The internet based resources are extensively used as teaching aids.

There is a separate reprographic centre available for the faculty, students and non-teaching staff.

The college is in the process of developing a UGC-Network Resource Centre.

Audio visual Room

The College has recently developed an Audio-Visual room so that digital aids can be made easily available for seminar presentations and digitally aided classes and film screenings. The air-conditioned room is fitted with a digital projector and a modern audio system.

Students Common Room

Recreational spaces for staff and students

There is a common room for students on the ground floor of the library building. Students spend their free hours here to browse through magazines and newspapers, play carom, chess and other improvised indoor games, or chat and relax with friends. They also enthusiastically display their creative ideas on the Activity Board provided here. The Common Room, as its name suggests, is the perfect place for students to exchange thoughts and ideas and bond with one another.

Nivedita Niketan

Nivedita Niketan

The college has set up a showroom for handicrafts and Ramakrishna Vivekananda literature in the campus. It also functions as a small shop selling a range of stationary wares and snacks at subsidised rates exclusively for the students.


Bakery training exclusively for boarders is held every Thursday from 5.30 am to 11am at the Hostel Bakery. The students are taught not only to make bread, cakes and biscuits and operate the electric baking oven, but also in pricing the products and managing the labour input. The training is aimed at developing entrepreneur skills of the students.

Outdoor Canteen


 There is a students' canteen with both outdoor and indoor seating facilities in the college premises. Quality food, tea, coffee and snacks are served from the canteen at a subsidized rate.